My Cape Town trip, Part 1

So I went down to Cape Town to do a diving course. Was lotsa fun, and took a whole bunch of photos. So this is the first installment of some photo posts.

Click on any of them to view in hi-res.

On the way to Victoria West

On the way to my first stop in Victoria West I drove through Kimberley and a few one lane only road works. Had a few minutes to kill, a few hours before the sun gets down, shining through the clouds.


Some gas tanks

This was in Kimberley, at the entrance there is a dam, with some flamingoes and other birds flying over the water. That’s the black specks to the right, not the best location to take a photo though.

Simons Town

My stay for the week was in Simons Town. The Cape Doctor was blowing really hard, the third day I was there causing lots of damage in other parts of Cape Town, with winds speeds up to 174km/h.  Simons Town is really picturesque place though. I try to pay it justice.

Some row boats floating in the water.

Simons Town is home to a lot of penguins. They nest at Boulders Beach, which is a nature conservancy. Didn’t go in, but there were some of them outside.

Simons Town harbor from the top of Red Hill road. Awesome road, well covered, lots of really nice turns.

Same location, but a panoramic

Next part will follow

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